Soft Scupltures

Here are some needle felted fish that I am planning on using in a wall hanging.

The yellow fish has a bit of embroidery on the body.

Here are two needle felted witch dolls that I plan to have up for sale on Etsy in the next few days!!

This first doll has changed some since these pictures. She now looks more “witchy” with more of a witch’s nose and her hat now flares out like a witch’s hat should! She is still armless…..

This witch doll is my very first FeltAlive doll! I will be posting this lady’s blogsite soon! This doll has gone through many, Many, MANY changes which you will see in the following pictures.

Now onto Christmas!!! I’ve been felting up a storm the last few days!
This cute penguin may look complete…but it has one eye. It also has only one wing so far, which actually isn’t even seen in this picture. Oh and of course every penguins needs some Happy feet! I am also thinking of adding a knitted or crocheted scarf. I love being able to combine the different types of crafts that I may be interested in at the time. Like for instance at the moment I am interested in needle felting and knitting/crocheting/weaving.
As you can see, this elf has has an eye that needs to be worked on.
I am also going to add more of the lime green extensions on its hat.
And after that point, I need to decide if this elf needs a body
or whether this elf is destined to be an elf head ornament.
Once strung up for use as an ornament, this Santa will be complete and up for sale within the week!
Mrs. Claus however, needs some help. I am currently trying to decide whether she, like the elf, needs a body or not. In her current state, she doesn’t come across as very Mrs. Claus like. I may put a body on her and turn her into a Christmas caroler and try my hand at making a different Mrs. Claus head ornament to go with Santa.
Since the time that I became interested in needle felting I have seen many felted playscapes and I keep thinking how cute a winter wonderland playscape would be and the many different ones that could be created and used on tabletops as Christmas decoration. This white merino batting that I used for the base looks very much like real snow! I plan on adding trees behind the snowman and in front of the snowman I am going to add either a child building the snowman or two children playing in the snow throwing snowballs at each other, near the snowman. Or perhaps a child laying in the snow making a snow angel. The next one of these playscapes that I plan on making will be of a gingerbread house theme. I also plan on making gingerbread men/women ornaments….just as soon as more materials arrive!!

One response

14 10 2008
Gina - RoseThistleArtworks

These are great! It will be so fun to see your shop full. I love that little elf’s face so much. You really captured a great expression. All of your creations have so much uniqueness and personality. Great work.

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