Flat Feltings

This was done on a synthetic blue piece of felt. The actual color is more of a bright teal. I then cut out the shape of the horse from a white synthetic felt sheet and needle felted it onto the blue background. I did not think it would very easily felt being that it is synthetic and not 100% wool felt but it felted very easily I thought. I then did the same process with the other colors. And for the hair I rolled yellow and orange wool rovings and lightly needled the wool into the felt background. For all intents and purposes this piece could be called finished but I think I want to add some embroidery.  Once completely finished I think it would look great framed in white and hung on a child’s bedroom wall.

Here is another flat felt that I did in the same manner as the horse picture. I am not sure what direction to take this piece yet.

This one has changed a bit since this picture…it doesn’t have the big white “eyebrow” anymore haha and there are slight color changes and/or additions here and there. Unlike the two above, this flat felt is on 100% wool, and even though the two above pictures were easy to felt, THIS one was even easier! That’s not to say that creating these is a breeze. It takes a LONG time to finish one of these! I don’t foresee it being completed anytime soon unfortunately.

This is a flat needle felt still life of gourds done on 100% wool felt with different types of wool rovings (see the rovings in the background).  By the second picture I had added in another gourd in the righthand corner. This gourd is giving me problems (or perhaps it is actually the green gourd behind it that is the problem maker) but I would like to finish it by mid September in time to have a possible Halloween sale!

This one is a little hard to make out right now but the end result is going to be a bear walking on a dirt ground with a few big rocks on the ground as well. I am restricting my colors to only blues, browns, and white.

This one I hope everyone can see that it is a picture of boats on the water. It has been brought to my attention that I do my felting out of order. I tend to go straight for the interesting parts of the foreground and leave the background for later. This actually makes things harder in the long run, and as you can see, it makes it harder to distinguish early on what is going on in the picture. The big yellow/green blob is actually a hillside in the distance, which would be recognizable if only I had done the background beFORE the FOREground. This is another one that I do not see being completed for a good while longer.

This is done on a dark purple sheet of 100% wool. The wool is wrapped around a foam base (not securely wrapped yet). I intend for this piece to be part of a 3 piece set entitled “I wanna be a rockstar” ..inspired by the Nickelback song “Rockstar”.


One response

14 10 2008
Gina - RoseThistleArtworks

Wow! Such diverse subjects and emotions in these tapestries. These are wonderful and rich and full of life. Beautiful!

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