Colored Pencil

I don’t have any good pictures at the moment of my recent works in progress so to kick off this blog I am posting works in progress that have been “works in progress” for a good while now.

Colored Pencil Drawing:

Stage 1Stage 1

Stage 2Stage 3

In stage one I stopped at the skirt…because it intimidated me! Stage 2 got brave enough to add a rough pattern to the skirt. Stage 3 I gave her hair more of a golden brown color and I darkened the blue of her shirt. I added the mushroom, but then realized that I now couldn’t put a fairy on top of the mushroom because I had already added the skirt pattern. I may try to erase that area and add the fair, or I may not, we’ll see…

Colored Pencil Drawing:

Stage 1

Stage 2Stage 3

By the end of stage 1, I was really impressed with how realistic it was looking and how it was almost jumping off of that blue paper! But then in stage 2 I decided it needed a background and foreground..and flowers. The frog then started to lose some of its realistic quality and started to blend in with its background instead of pop out like it was before. But there was no turning back, so in step 3 I continued working on the background and on the flowers. I will have to check but I think the colors in Stage 2 are most accurate as to what they are right now, except for the color behind the flowers in Step 3.

Colored Pencil Drawing:

Stage 1

I have not gotten any further on this one.It is basically just a light layer of colors at this point. The orange color in reality is more of a bright neon peachy color.

Color Pencil Drawing:

Stage 1

This picture isn’t a very clear one but it gives you an idea of what I’m working on.


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