What do you see?

I wet felted this abstract picture and took pictures of all the different viewpoints. I think it will be fun to hear about what people see in these pictures. Everyone sees something different and has a preference for one over another! So leave a comment if you want, about what you see and which picture you prefer best! My plan is to use embroidery and other embellishments to bring out certain objects/animals/people and to create distinct foreground and background areas. So here are the viewpoints:

View 1:

View 2:

View 3:

And view 4:


One response

6 10 2008
Gina - RoseThistleArtworks

View 1-I see a beautiful mermaid surrounded by fish and a dolphin
View 2-I see Little Red Riding Hood and a scarecrow
View 3-I see a little boy with a patch on his knee, arms outstretched and an angel above him in the cloud blowing or speaking to him
View 4-I see lots of mothers and swaddled babies

I feel like I just took the Rorshack test or whatever that’s called and your checking your watch and gently saying, “Okay. That’s all we have time for today. Shall we schedule for the same time next week?” LOL

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