Art Bloggin

5 09 2008

When I first started hearing about “blogs” I thought I would never have the need to be or the desire to be a blogger. Besides, who would be interested in reading about what I have to say? But today, as I was reading some blogs of others, I started thinking about how it could be interesting to give blogging a try. And once I decided to give it a go I instantly new what my blog would concern– My Arts and Crafts!

I have always had an interest in arts and crafts ever since I can remember. It defined me as a person- I was the artsy one. Yet even though I knew that arts and crafts was my niche, my talent, my hobby, and my chosen future career path…I didn’t consider arts and crafts to really be a “passion” of mine. I came upon the website Etsy not too long ago and it has opened up a world of creativity in me. And even though I have not as of yet listed anything in my Etsy shops, I have a great sense that if I create it, they will come…eventually! And now with the thought of the possibility that someone (maybe across the world) might see my works and fall in love with them and want them to be a part of their personal collection…..THAT has fueled my passion for the arts and crafts!

What also began to fuel my passion was my recent accidental discovery of needle felting! There will be more information about needle felting later. It is a very interesting up and coming craft I think…and THAT is saying a lot because nothing much seems to hold my interest for very long!

With that said, my plans for this blog site will be for me to post info about and pictures of, my works in progress and give a little insight into my thought process upon starting a project, during the project, and after the project is completed. The projects that I will blog about will not soley be needle felt works. I dabble in lots of many different types of arts and crafts and have many ideas in my head that I will discuss in the upcoming days, weeks, months to come. I hope you will check out the additional pages to the right of the screen. My other blog is set up to feature the works of artists/craftsmen who sell their works online.

For this particular blog page I will discuss anything arts/crafts related that I have heard about, or discovered myself, or something I am thinking about, etc.